“Hey Michael, I carried a watermelon!”

Michael Buble

I See You Baby

For any woman who’s seen the movie Dirty Dancing as often as I have, you’ll know exactly what I mean by the watermelon title.

For those who don’t, here’s a quick breakdown; Jennifer Grey’s character, Baby, meets Patrick Swayze’s character, Johnny, for the first time. She’s so flustered by his sexiness that when he asks his cousin (who he’s enlisted Baby for help – to carry said produce into the dance party), “Yo cuz, what’s she doin’ here?”, Baby stutters out  “I carried a watermelon!”. Disgusted with herself, she continues to shake her head and mutter, “I carried a watermelon?!”

This unfortunate predicament was to be replicated in my first encounter with Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé.

Now Don’t Get Too Excited

I was at work when the watermelon moment occurred.

Serving tables in a restaurant at Vancouver Airport has its perks. One of them being the likelihood of running into a celebrity.

Now, I have seen a few low – key actors, athletes and probably some folk I should know (but don’t), so when Michael Bublé showed up, I figured I had the celebrity ‘meet and greet’ down to a pat. Nope….

Like a pack of twelve year old girls squealing like newborn pigs, myself and the other adult female employees all piled into the kitchen, fussing and fainting over the fact that this Canadian stud was in our range. Who was going to be brave enough to serve him? Who was going to be bold and ask for a photo? Were we allowed to take his photo? What if I tripped and fell “into his arms?”

I’m ashamed to say that none of this happened. No, not in the least. What really went down? Well, I did about five laps back and forth past his table, hoping for an opportune moment of some kind. Nada.

So you can imagine my heart leaping into my throat when the man himself stood up to remove his jacket and turn towards me, just as I was walking straight into his line of vision. He smiled a charming smile, looked at me as though he was waiting for me to say something and…. I stopped. Smiled the biggest toothiest grin you can imagine and before I knew what was happening, my two thumbs shot up in front of me and I said “AWESOME!”.

Hopefully next time he comes through the airport I’ll be on my day off!