I Shaved My Legs For Physio

hairy legs

Time For A Trim?

After a vigorous run around the track one morning and then bending over to stretch out my hamstrings, I came to the quick realization that I was sporting what would be approximately five full days of hair growth. I had a physiotherapy appointment in 30 minutes that required the majority of the attention to be focused on my legs. Lucky him I say.

I would soon be showing up as the Tazmanian Devil: spinning and spitting, hair flying every which way and dribble making its way down my chin. God forbid I should let the physio see my unshaven legs with hair sprouting out like a Chia Pet, discovered as he rolls up my pant legs and shrinks back in horror!

Like somehow all women are really hairless-wonders, who don’t grow anything on their bodies (except for a certain freak of nature, ahem, (my friend Sam,) who doesn’t seem to grow any hair at all, except for the necessary patch of it on her skull). It’s Mother Nature’s cruel joke that as we age, she takes it from men where they need it the most and puts it on women where we want it the least.

Presentation Is Everything

Bursting through the clinic doors, pants flapping silkily over my freshly shaved pins, I apologized profusely to the woman at the front desk, joking that once again, true to form, I was five minutes late for my appointment. No matter; this is my pride and dignity we’re talking about here and if necessary one must be late in order to be beautiful.

Is hair removal prior to appointments and public appearances a case of manners? Or, is it simply a case of caring too much about what people will think of us?  A bit like women conferring with their girlfriends about who’s going to wear what on a night out. As though somehow, someone is going to screw up and arrive wearing a Julia Robert’s inspired hooker ensemble.

My theory is also based on similar experiences such as dental appointments. You brush your teeth for that right? And you clean your house before people come to visit.

Or is it really just my mother who famously cleans her home before the housekeeper shows up? Oh no! Don’t let the housekeeper see your mess, she isn’t paid to clean up mess…

Finally, on a side note, when writing this blog, I Googled ‘pictures of women shaving’ – to include some visual inspiration on this subject. Apparently when you do that, the majority of the public is looking for something being de-fuzzed somewhat NORTH of the leg area. Not EXACTLY what I was looking for but live ‘n’ learn…